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Epoxy resin adhesive

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The polymer compounds containing epoxy groups in molecular structure are collectively referred to as epoxy resins. The cured epoxy resin has good physical and chemical properties. It has excellent bonding strength to the surface of metal and non-metallic materials, good dielectric properties, small variable shrinkage, good dimensional stability, high hardness, good flexibility, and stability to alkali and most solvents. Therefore, it is widely used in national defense and other countries. Various sectors of the civil economy are used for pouring, impregnation, laminates, adhesives and coatings.

Physicochemical properties

Modified method

2. add reactive diluent;

3. adding filler;

4. add different kinds of thermosetting or thermoplastic resins;

5. improve the epoxy resin itself.

WEICON epoxy adhesive

WEICON epoxy resin adhesive has two components (binder and curing agent), and different types of products contain fillers of different materials (steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, plastics, etc.), which can ensure that the cured material, color and physical and chemical properties are close to the raw materials, and can carry out surface secondary processing.

1. choose curing agent;

Epoxy resin as a multi-hydroxyl component combines the advantages of polyurethane and epoxy resin, and has good bonding strength and chemical resistance. EP-12, EP-13, EP-16 and EP-20 are generally used to make polyurethane adhesive.



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