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Ratio of epoxy resin and curing strength

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Epoxy resin encapsulation adhesive has good adhesion and encapsulation performance, which plays a very important role in protecting electronic power supply components. But the complicated use procedures and rigorous procedures also make many friends suffer enough.

Case study: deployment of omnipotent electronic epoxy resin

Adhesive industry is a professional company engaged in providing customers with adhesive solutions, Almighty Electronics is a manufacturer of power supply. We have always maintained a good supply partnership, and one of them has a significant impact.

A week later, Mr. Zhang called to say that our glue is not working well. The glue layer is very soft and it doesn't harden. I heard that he immediately asked him to go step by step with his operation, and finally found that there was a big difference in the operation of their project.

In terms of proportioning, they are in accordance with our standard parameters:

A:B=100:25 (weight ratio)

Available time: 25 degrees x 40 minutes (100g mixture).

Curing conditions: 6-8 hours at room temperature or 60 degrees centigrade 1 hours.

The products needed to be potting should be kept dry and clean.

When using, check the A agent first, see if there is any settlement, and stir the A agent evenly.


After stirring evenly, please fill the glue in time, and try to use up the mixed glue in the usable time.

After pouring, the glue will gradually penetrate into the crevice of the product, and if necessary, glue two times.

During the curing process, keep the environment clean so as to avoid impurities or dust falling onto the surface of the uncured glue.

However, it did not pay attention to the amount of dispensing in the allocation process.

This product will begin to gradually solidify after mixing, its viscosity will gradually increase, and will release part of the heat;

The more the amount of glue mixed together, the quicker the reaction, the quicker the curing speed, and possibly with a large amount of heat, please pay attention to control the amount of glue mixed once, because the reaction is accelerated, its usable time will be shortened, after mixing the glue as far as possible in a short period of time to use up;

Available time: refers to the time when the viscosity of 100 g mixed glue doubles at 25 C, not after the operating time, the glue can never be used;

A very small number of people who have been exposed to glue for a long time will have mild skin allergy and itching. It is recommended to wear protective gloves when using glue.

Before you use it in large quantities, please try it on a small scale and master the skills of the product so as to avoid mistakes.

The curing time becomes very short when they are used in large amounts at a time, often drying before they have time to use them. In order to solve this problem, they adjusted the ratio without authorization and increased the amount of curing agent. This curing time is extended, but at the expense of strength after curing.



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