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Construction plan of epoxy resin for cracks disposal

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1. Grind the cracks 5_wide on both sides with a polishing machine, and then clean the cracks with acetone. There must be no oil or dust on the interface.

2. Epoxy resin dilute solution is used to soak and dry the cracks of shallow turtles with depth less than 5_, and then the epoxy resin cement is scraped. The dilution ratio of epoxy resin is epoxy resin: diluent: curing agent: 1:0.4:0.25, which can penetrate the crack root. Its structure is strong enough to fill cracks.

3. For cracks with a depth greater than 5_, the grouting nozzles are buried at a distance of 30_to 50_, and then the cracks are sealed with epoxy resin cement with a width not less than 5_. Epoxy resin cement seals the cracks. First, it seals the cracks of the shallow turtles, and the two is preparing for grouting. It is very important to select the location of the buried grouting nozzle, which should be determined according to the length, depth, strike and shape of the concrete crack. Generally, it is required to select the points at both ends of the crack and at the empty and solid parts to ensure that the grout can reach every void and play a role of reinforcement and crack prevention.

4. After epoxy resin cement is completely dry-solidified, gas test should be carried out to check the intake, outlet and crack sealing. 4/2 pressure air input from the grouting hole, if the gas output from the outlet, the cement seal and other cracks outlet does not leak gas, it means that the crack grouting mouth, outlet is set correctly, the cement seal reliable, close the outlet, so that the crack pressure rises to 4/2, keep the pressure for 2 minutes, if not Air leakage is normal. If air leakage occurs after ventilation and pressure rise, seal should be re closed. If two or more outlets are blown out after pressurization, it means that the crack and more than two cracks are connected. The leakage outlet should be closed until the pressure can be maintained. After ventilation and pressure boosting, the outlet has no gas output, which may be the cement sealing process will block the crack passage. At this time, the appropriate position of the crack should be re-established in the section of the liquid mouth and grouting mouth, the principle is to ensure that the whole section of the crack has in, out, pressure, leakage.

5. After the gas test is qualified, epoxy resin slurry is used for pressure grouting. The air pressure should not be less than 4/2.

6. When grouting, pay attention to the observation of the outlet of grout nozzle. After confirming the filling, close the outlet of grout nozzle and raise the pressure to 4/2. Keep the pressure not less than 5 minutes, then wait for it to dry naturally. The natural drying time should be 72 hours. 7, check whether cracks are missing. 8. Remove the grouting nozzle and repair the epoxy resin cement on the surface of the convex concrete. 4. Conclusion After 20 days of construction, the crack maintenance project of Zhentou Bridge was successfully completed. The actual test shows that the crack repaired by epoxy resin slurry can increase the strength of arch ring.

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