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Dongguan Ai Bolong New Material Co., Ltd.

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Venue: B building, No. 3 workshop, Wanjiang new and community Heng Kau.

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Dongguan ABLONG New Material Co., Ltd. is a research and development as the core, the production of new composite materials as the leading enterprise. The company's main products are epoxy resin and polyurethane resin as raw materials for aviation materials, (high and low) density board, paste wood putty, AB glue, etc. Products are widely used in automotive, high-speed rail, shipbuilding, aviation, ceramics and other manufacturing and related industries. For example, the resin sheet used in automobile main model, automobile sheet inspection tool, fixture, FRP product model mold, sand-turning casting mold, plastic-absorbing mold and so on, the commonly used models of the products are ABL-420, 460, 470, 1000, 1200, 1700, 5166, 090, 091, 8998 and other products, covering different densities and hardness, and so on. Excellent physical properties and product stability have reached the level of foreign counterparts, and many technologies are in the leading position in China.

ABROON has a skilled R&D department, quality management personnel, professional sales team, can closely match the needs of customers, for you to design innovative solutions. The company has strong production capacity and has maintained good cooperation with CAS for a long time. Company adhering to the "credibility first, quality first, customer first" concept under the guidance of Chengdu has been recognized by the industry.

ABROON has set up a sales branch in East China and established partnerships with several large auto parts companies to provide better end-to-end service to customers. Our products are constantly upgraded, the sales team is constantly expanding, the implementation of product coverage of the country, towards the international sales strategy.



Dongguan Ai Bolong New Material Co., Ltd.

place:B floor of No. 3 workshop of Wanjiang new and community Heng Kau.

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